Future of the internet

15 Apr

Since the invention of the internet in 1965, it has advanced so rapidly. In less than 5 decades, it has gone from a military tool to an indispensable tool for many. In fact, the internet is the main culprit for making many of us slaves to technology.

In the past, getting access to the internet would only be through a computer. Now we can do so using our mobile phones, mp3 players and gaming devices. With increased access to the internet (practically 24/7), more transactions will be done online and this will increase the amount of sensitive information and one’s reliance in the cyber world. Hence, I feel that in the future of the internet, cyberterrorism will rise. This might lead to decreased anonymity and increased accountability for internet users. However, this would also mean that there would also be increased surveillance and freedom of speech would be reduced.

Also, another future which I envisioned would be the use of 3D technology while surfing the internet. Many of our technologies have shifted from 2D to 3D. Movies are increasingly filmed in 3D.

Televisions have also adopted the 3D technology.

And now, handheld games devices such as the Nintendo 3DS.

So, why not the internet?

Lastly, going online would be made much easier. No, I don’t mean having access to the internet through any kind of devices. I mean, we won’t even need a mouse, keyboard or even our hands to surf the net! A research scientist believes that

“users will soon tire of depending on a computer interface, and having to fish a device out of their pocket or bag to access it.”  He also predicted that “users will tire of having to manipulate an interface with their fingers. Instead, they’ll simply manipulate their various devices with their brains.”

Imagine the ability to surf the net using our thoughts! This research has been tested on a monkey and watch the video to see how successful it is! (:

The downside to this is, chips would have to be implanted in the brain. Hmmm, how many people would want that? Perhaps in future, someone will invent something else which would totally eliminate the implanting of the computer chip!

Right now, we can only guess and make predictions. But hey who knows? When our kids read this, they might be like “oh man, this is so old school!”


1) http://pcworld.about.net/news/Jan172005id119314.htm

2) http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9141180/Intel_Chips_in_brains_will_control_computers_by_2020?taxonomyId=11&pageNumber=2


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