Internet & Journalism

31 Mar

For this week’s blog post on the internet and journalism, I decided to start off with this video (:

The internet and journalism.

Two completely different entities invented for different purposes. The question should never have been about internet versus journalism, but internet and journalism. Together, these two can achieve so much more!

Who would have thought these two completely different mediums would merge into one?  The web’s effect on news reporting is considered the most clear evidence that this is a revolutionary technology. News editors are no longer the gatekeepers to information. The costs of distributing information have almost completely disappeared. News are reaching the masses almost instantly and the news is first-hand, garnering more interest.

I’m talking about citizen journalism. It gives us freedom. People without professional journalism training can use the tools of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet to create, augment or fact-check media on their own or in collaboration with others. A definite interaction can also be seen with the media through polls, comments, and questions directed to the article.

Citizen journalism epitomizes the belief that the experiences of people personally involved with an issue. We get the whole inside view of the event. Traditional reporting is usually state-owned and has the tendency to present a skewed point of view. By granting access to anyone to cover the news, citizen journalism presents a more persona view of events
and has the potential to cultivate communities of people with a
common interest. Through blogs, citizen journalists have broken
stories about political corruption, police brutality, and other issues
of concern to local and national communities. Citizen journalism also forces contributors to think objectively.

One of the most established citizen journalism websites in Singapore would be Stomp.

As much as I would like to applaud Singaporeans for embracing this new form of journalism, I have to say that Singaporeans would have to be more mature about the kind of content they would consider news. Easily, three quarters of the ‘Hottest Topics’ or ‘Most Commented’ posts on is trash. It is more of a platform to embarrass people or companies who’ve crossed your path. Take a look at the comments on these ‘news’ on and you will see countless of senseless arguments  about nonsense. Where is the objectiveness in personal view?

I’m sure many of us are familiar with this big hoo-ha sometime back.

Yes, go ahead and criticize. The NS boy is not manly enough, he’s spoilt and lazy.

We get it already. Why do people still keep harping on it?! It irritates me to see that this is the kind of news which will generate the most interest on citizen journalism sites.

Haven’t we forgotten about the up and coming GE, or any other more pressing issues in our society?


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