Multimedia & Marketing

17 Mar

Through the use of multimedia, many companies are able to build brand awareness and loyalty in unique and powerful ways. Also, through various websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, these messages are able to go viral very quickly, reaching out to a wide array of masses in a short period of time.

Of the many different companies which use multimedia to market their products, I personally feel that Apple has been extremely successful. Even before Apple’s newest products reach our tiny little island, a huge hype is already created and many people would queue for hours just to be the first to get their hands on their newest gadgets.

Take a look at the iPad2 advertisement and you’ll see why (:

I believe Apple’s success in marketing their products through the multimedia can be explained using the AIDA model.

1) Awareness

To attract customers, the video uses an upbeat tune with interesting graphics to display the specifications of the iPad.

2) Interest

In the video, Apple raises the customer’s interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits of the iPad 2. They continuously emphasized how much the iPad2 has improved since its predecessor, the iPad. This increases interests for people who already own the older version of the iPad, and also those who have yet to own one.

3) Desire

The video also convince customers that they want and desire the iPad and that what it can provide will satisfy their needs. The constant use of people in their everyday lives (i.e, girl and grandma with birthday cake etc.) also helps to build common ground with the audience, making their persuasive appeal a stronger one.

4) Action

Although the action step is not explicitly stated in the video, the above three steps will, and has convinced many that they should take action to purchase the iPad2.

Comparing this to a flyer or a newspaper advertisement, the use of multimedia wins hands down! It is interactive, intriguing, personalized and engrossing. It is no wonder so many companies have shifted to using multimedia to market their products.


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