Google Tools & Windows Movie Maker

6 Mar

I’ve always known the existence of Google Earth since it emerged in 2005, but I never knew there is a flight simulator embedded within the programme! What’s really cool is that it takes full advantage of Google’s extensive satellite imagery, making the whole experience a surreal one.

After starting the flight simulator, a pop-up appears and it requires me to choose my aircraft and start position.

After which,  my flight begins with a take-off from a runway. HUD (heads up display) which is basically the green stuff appears on my screen. These provided me information on the wind speed, the direction I was headed to, the altitude and the speed I was flying at.

It was an interesting experience indeed. However, it is not an easy flight at all!! In fact, I never landed :S

Despite countless attempts, every single flight I had landed up as a crash landing. I found out that if a user maneuvers the flight carefully, he or she can even fly the plane underwater!

I feel that this is something worth trying. It’s pretty fun, it’s free and it allows me to get a bird’s eye view of popular landmarks all over the world.

On another note, my experience with Windows Movie Maker is more successful (though tedious) in its first attempt as compared to my Google Earth flight simulator experience. For the purposes of this entry, I shall dig out my very first Movie Maker video.

I remember working on this video for days!

It was not easy trying to ensure the flow of the music and pictures. After choosing all the pictures and songs which I wanted to include in the video, I realised some of the file types were not compatible with Windows Movie Maker and I had to use an external programme to convert the files. Also, doing the transitions was such a painful task. I wanted to make sure every transition was different and adding transitions messed up my time line.  The music started later than it was suppose to and the time each picture had during the video was reduced, resulting in countless adjustments I had to make.

However, I never regretted doing this video because it brought so much joy to my friend and it introduced me to Windows Movie Maker. I have since created a few other movies using the programme and each time I do so, I explore new things which can be done.

In my opinion, it is definitely one of the most user friendly and idiot-proof movie maker programmes around.

Give it a try if you haven’t! 😀


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