12 Feb

When I think of social networking, the first few sites that comes into my mind are Facebook, Twitter & Friendster. However for the people in France, Spain, Italy & Latin America, I’m pretty sure Badoo will be tops in their list!

What exactly is Badoo & why is the site useful?

Badoo is a multilingual social networking site. The pushing force of Badoo is to meet people from different countries and cultures.  People are able to share their lives and work globally and locally, but at the same time embrace their own local unique culture.

The site also provides instant messaging and lightning quick ability to upload photos and videos. There is also a feature to rate the pictures of members. Also, the ability to see who views your account (or any other account for that matter) is transparent. Also, settings on how visible your account can be adjusted. The site also includes a geographical proximity feature, allowing users to identify each others’ location & check out who’s in their area. This is allows members to meet potential friends or lovers who are in close proximity. According to Badoo’s website info, they are the “world’s biggest and best social dating site”.

Like many social networking sites, Badoo shares similar features/advantages with Facebook. This includes sharing of pictures/videos, sending messages, extensive reach, ease of use etc. Hence, I shall not go into details of it’s similarity.

So, why is Badoo different from Facebook?

1) No advertisements!

Imagine a nice & clean profile page! ! I like :D.  Their business model is different from that of Facebook, and they rely on their members for earnings.  To make their profile more noticeable, members can pay a small price to have their profiles on the front page (screenshot below). Prices are as follows. America: 1 dollar, Europe: 1 euro, UK: 1 pound. Also, if members see a potential friend/lover they are interested in, they have to pay to actually meet these people.

Badoo’s front page, with all the members who paid to have their profiles there.

2) No ‘adding of friends’ or ‘liking’ feature

Users are not restricted from any information because they are not ‘friends’ with the person, or because they did not ‘like’ the page.  This makes their reach more extensive, but the drawbacks is that privacy is almost non-existent. In a peer-reviewed study, Badoo was given the lowest score for privacy among 45 social networking sites examined.

3)  Voting of pictures

There is a section for voting other people’s photographs. Although Facebook has something similar, that is only an app and not the feature of the website itself. Members can choose if they want to see pictures of only women, only men or both genders. Pictures will then appear and people can select a rating from one to ten.

4) No groups or communites

Badoo does not have groups or communities that gathers people with similar interests together. Members look for potential friends/dates/lovers mostly through pictures/appearance which I feel is really superficial.

5) Ability to access from Facebook

Badoo has a dating app on Facebook! The app is the second-largest dating app on Facebook, according to our AppData tracking service.

Screenshot of Badoo’s dating app on Facebook
Also, users can log into Badoo, using their Facebook account! Treating your competitor as your friend. Hmmm, smart move!
Screenshot of Badoo’s login page

6) Age limit

Badoo’s minimum age limit is 18, whereas Facebook’s age limit is 13. This shows that Badoo’s targeted users are of a more mature age group.

Even though Badoo is not as popular as Facebook, they have over 12 million members and was labelled ‘the second fasting rising company’ by Google, and this is even ahead of Facebook! Also, according to Alexa stats they are in the top 100 most visited sites, which shows that its popularity is increasing.

Who knows what potential Badoo has?








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